Trade-ins and Delivery

Yes, We Take Trades!

Typically our dealers will pick up your trade when we bring you your new vehicle. You'll work with the finance team in advance of delivery to arrange the details of the trade and determine a mutually agreeable trade-in value. If your current vehicle is not quite paid off, we can often pay off the outstanding loan or lease and apply the remaining value of your vehicle towards your new purchase. By trading photos and videos in advance we'll know exactly what to expect from your trade and you'll know exactly what vehicle we're sending you.

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Yes, We Deliver Anywhere in Canada!

All of our dealer partners offer all-inclusive purchase financing and delivery. Delivery is available to all Canadian provinces and territories including Aboriginal Communities and remote First Nations by any and all available transportation methods. This includes delivery by:

  • All-Season Roads
  • Seasonal and Winter Roads
  • Sealift / Barge
  • Rail
  • Airlift (Not a practical option, but can be done.)

Delivery is available to the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador and the Maritimes.

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